Equal Opportunity for Every Child

XRadianZ is a professionally managed organization created for the sole purpose of nurturing and culturing talent in young individuals, with particular focus on children.


XRadianZ - where "X" is the unknown dimension in every child, every individual that when nurtured and cultured to its full potential is transformed into "Radiance" - a positive, uplifting and fulfilling experience.

The founding principles of XRadianZ are based on the following well-grounded beliefs –

» Every child is born with a basket of one or more special, but hidden capabilities
» These special abilities manifest in life as extraordinary “talents”, given a chance to grow
» Talents show up in subtle, indiscernible ways in early life and frequently go undetected
» Talents must be recognized early and cultivated to develop to their fullest potential

XRadianZ recognizes the "Life Value" of an individual - identified as the collective total of an individual's impact on society to be ultimately defined by the formative influences of early experiences and events. An early start and continuous positive reinforcement build a child's strengths and character.

Global Pen Pals - The XRadianZ Connect Platform

A major objective of XRadianZ is the XRadianZ Connect Platform which enables children to reach out across geographies and boundaries, establish meaningful friendships and learn from one another. The ultimate objective is to create a collaborative of children across the globe so they can come together and put their minds and creative energies together for issues that matter to all of us.

We invite children who wish to make friends with other children to join our Global Pen Pal Forum. Just send us an email with your profile - age, grade, location, hobbies, interests and a pic and we will get you started on this exciting journey!

Discover what lies within...

XRadianZ has developed a series of events to evoke and expose the hidden "X" in children and young adults through which they can demonstrate their innate abilities and bring their talents to the forefront through verifiable, visual means. For more information on our events, visit our »» Programs page or, write to one of our »» Ambassadors.

Take a look around. There's plenty to explore. We bet you will come back for more!

XRadianZ is about art, music, drama, poetry, dance, science, ..., anything that lights up your smile and brings out the radiance in your mind.