XRadianZ Programs for College & University Students

XRadianZ offers comprehensive guidance and assistance for job placements, higher studies and exchange programs in US and India for students and experienced professionals across Life Sciences and related domains. These services are aimed at candidates interested in pursuing advanced biomedical research opportunities in academia and industry in the US and elsewhere.

How does it work?

After a candidate submits her/his academic record, CV and supporting documents, XRadianZ counsels the candidate and develops an optimal career path based on background, capabilities, career goals and industry trends that covers the following areas -

§ Career counseling and mentoring for students beginning their careers in Life Sciences
§ Guidance for Graduate (MS/PhD) or Postdoctoral Fellowships at US-based Universities
§ Exchange programs at Indian Schools and Universities

Please contact our »» Counselors for further information or for details on opportunities in advanced biomedical and related disciplines in India and the US.