XRadianZ Connect - The House of Scholars

XRadianZ Connect, simply put, is A House of Scholars. Students from Grades I through XII as well as college (undergraduate and graduate) going young adults can become members. Everyone who joins XRadianZ Connect becomes an XRadianZ Scholar. Once a part of XRadianZ, Scholars get a chance to showcase their special skills and talents by participating in XRadianZ events round the year. They also get free access to the Flash O'RadianZ Journal to submit their creative work. XRadianZ Scholars rise to various other levels based on their aptitude in these events.


At the school level, XRadianZ Scholars who exhibit -

» prowess in writing become XRadianZ Writers
» prowess in art become XRadianZ Masters
» superlative communication skills become XRadianZ Orators
» superior scholastic ability become XRadianZ Wizards
»all-round (academic+extracurricular) excellence become XRadianZ Stars

At the College/University level, XRadianZ Scholars who -

» turn their knowledge into discoveries become XRadianZ Innovators
» take their ideas to market become XRadianZ Inventors
» establish successful businesses become XRadianZ Entrepreneurs

XRadianZ's partner »» Stem Cell Capital - an investment advisory and management consulting firm - provides young inventors and entrepreneurs professional mentorship and guidance to help establish viable enterprises - preparing business plans, presenting to investors and post funding, constituting management teams and extending operational expertise to run the business successfully.

Global Pen Pals - The XRadianZ Connect Platform

A major objective of the XRadianZ Connect Platform is to enable children to reach out across geographies and boundaries, establish meaningful friendships and learn from one another. The ultimate goal is to create a collaborative of children across the globe so they can come together and put their minds and creative energies together for issues that matter to all of us.

We invite children who wish to make friends with other children to join our Global Pen Pal Forum. Just send us an email with your profile - age, grade, location, hobbies, interests and a pic and we will get you started on this exciting journey!

XRadianZ Connect for Life Sciences (BioMeet)

BioMeet is a networking forum for anyone interested in or currently working in any of a broad range of life sciences and biomedical disciplines. Meetings serve as mixers for students and professionals from industry and academia including entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, scientists, and journalists. The meetings serve as forums to discuss latest events and advancements in Life Sciences, share news and views and learn about career and professional advancement opportunities. Watch this page for more information on the inaugural BioMeet to be organized in your city soon.

To subscribe to the BioMeet mailing list, please send one of our »» counselors an email with your name, affiliation (School/College, if a student), current employer (if employed) and contact information (email id and mobile number).