XRadianZ Connect - Membership & Benefits

XRadianZ Connect provides a platform for children to meet other children in their age brackets and in their community of choice so they can share common interests and goals, learn from each other and develop together.

As a result, parents can be sure that their child receives the appropriate upbringing they desire both at home and outside. XRadianZ Connect members (XRadianZ Scholars) get preferred access to XRadianZ events and the XRadianZ Journal »» Flash O'RadianZ.


Global Pen Pals - The XRadianZ Connect Platform

A major objective of XRadianZ is the XRadianZ Connect Platform which enables children to reach out across geographies and boundaries, establish meaningful friendships and learn from one another. The ultimate objective is to create a collaborative of children across the globe so they can come together and put their minds and creative energies together for issues that matter to all of us.

We invite children who wish to make friends with other children to join our Global Pen Pal Forum. Just send us an email with your profile - age, grade, location, hobbies, interests and a pic and we will get you started on this exciting journey!

Application Process. XRadianZ partners with students and parents to bring out the best of their talents. To join us in this unique partnership, please complete the »» Application form and email it to us. Students pay an annual membership fee to become XRadianZ Connect members based on whether they are in School, College or University. XRadianZ members (Scholars) will be on our mailing-list and will gain preferred access to all our events, programs and workshops that are held throughout the year.

XRadianZ seeks your support and sponsorships

XRadianZ Connect is a truly innovative platform for enabling children and young adults to cultivate and practice excellence in all walks of life due to its fundamental philosophy of nurturing and culturing grass-roots level intelligence. We seek your blessings in the form of support and sponsorships for expanding programs to reach all children and young adults across the US, India and elsewhere and enable them to achieve their true potential. Find it in your heart to donate generously towards the cause of betterment of the lives of children (and by extension, all of society) across the world.

Let us together provide society and posterity the unparalleled beauty, brilliance and fruits of a child's mind and imagination at work.

Please contact our ambassadors below with your questions and grants.

Dr. Harshawardhan (Harsh) Bal, PhD
Founder & CEO, XRadianZ House of Scholars
Editor, Flash O'RadianZ
Tel: +1 302 476 0518
Email: harshbal@xradianz.com

Dr. Kavita Rattan, PhD
Director, XRadianZ House of Scholars
Tel: +91 982 316 4119
Email: kavita@xradianz.com