Flash O'RadianZ Life & Career Journal

Flash O'RadianZ is a monthly journal for kids and young adults. We publishe contributed articles, stories, poetry, drawings, sketches or paintings and other artwork or infotainment materials that are relevant to our audience.


Flash O'RadianZ Life & Career Magazine - First Edition out!

XRadianZ is pleased to announce the publication of the 1st edition of the Flash O'RadianZ magazine for children and teens. The magazine focuses on three themes - education, information & entertainment - around issues relevant to school and college going kids and will be published monthly.

Flash O'RadianZ is a contributory creative magazine and invites news, events, announcements, achievements and creative material (art, pictures, stories, sketches, poetry, ... ), which come naturally to your child - to show case their scholastic and/or extracurricular talents or accomplishments. The first edition also showcases three Sci-Fi stories which were submitted by our readers as part of the 2nd XRadianZ Short Story Writing Event held in Feb 2014.

The first edition is available for viewing »» here.
Flash O'RadianZ 1st Edition 1Jan2015

Flash O'RadianZ invites submissions for following three sections to show case individuals who have done exemplary work at a young age in any field and can serve as an inspiration to everyone -

»» Rising Stars (kids under thirteen)
»» Young Achievers (for teens) and,
»» Role Models (established leaders in the community)

Through Flash O'RadianZ, we hope to find many hidden Mozarts, Picassos, Einsteins, Curies and McClintocks amongst us.

We look forward to your profiles and creative submissions!

Memberships to XRadianZ and subscriptions to Flash O'RadianZ are open.
For details, please email us at memberships@xradianz.com.