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» XRadianZ Young Masters Art Interpretation Event (Nagpur, May 2011). XRadianZ organized the first Young Masters Art Interpretation Event for students of Grades IX-XII in collaboration with Crossword, Nagpur. The purpose of XRadianZ's Young Masters event was to encourage the early acquisition or expression of critical developmental skills such as creative illustration using shapes and color, development of constructive imagination, a sense of aesthetics and, a wholesome appreciation of art as an integral part of a fulfilling life. For details, visit the »» XRadianZ Young Masters Event page. Ritvika

» XRadianZ launched its Lifetime Career & Personal Coaching Platform (June 2013). XRadianZ organized a two-day membership drive at Traffic Park, Nagpur to launch its comprehensive lifetime platform for children as well as adults. The Platform is focused on helping children from 5 years on and adults achieve enrichment and satisfaction in personal as well as professional life.

Pics from the event can be seen »» here. For details and for memberships, please email us at memberships@xradianz.com.

» XRadianZ & Udaan - Ek Jhep organized a rural development workshop (April 2013). XRadianZ and Udaan organized a workshop in a village near Titur, close to Nagpur to enhance awareness among village folk on a variety of topics ranging from solid waste management, biogas generation, agricultural productivity, small scale processing to youth education and employability.

Pics from the event can be seen »» here.

» XRadianZ & Green Vigil Foundation set up collaboration (December 2012). XRadianZ and Green Vigil Foundation are coming together in Nagpur City to leverage strengths in complementary areas of relevance such as societal development and environmental conservation. For details, please see the »» collaboration page.

» Mid-Atlantic Regional Science Education Partnership Award (MAR-SEPA) Meeting (April 2011). XRadianZ participated in the MAR-SEPA meeting held at the Pennsylvania State University at State College, PA. For details, please see the »» MAR-SEPA page.

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