XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short Story Writing Event Certificates

The science fiction short story writing event was organized in collaboration with the Raman Science Centre, Nagpur and was aimed at celebrating the success of mankind's space exploration efforts that lead to the discovery of the essential life ingredient - water - on our Moon. Certificates for the short story writing event are now available. A list of students whose entries were selected is available »» here.

Arnav robot

XRadianZ Young Masters Art Interpretation Event

The purpose of XRadianZ's Young Masters event held in 2011 was to encourage the early acquisition or expression of critical developmental skills such as creative illustration using shapes and color, development of constructive imagination, a sense of aesthetics and, a wholesome appreciation of art as an integral part of a fulfilling life. Please check the »» XRadianZ Young Masters Event page for more details.

PSAT and SAT - English, Math & Biology Mentoring Programs for School Children

XRadianZ provides tutoring in english (with an emphasis on vocabulary and expression, esp. for those for whom it is a second language), as well as math and biology. We focus on enabling children to experience a sense of achievement and fulfillment with language, a lasting impression that math is fun and useful, and biology - the science of life - is full of neat little surprises hidden away in every nook and cranny, just waiting to be discovered, all mystifying, bewildering and enlightening at the same time.

Our programs are results-oriented with -

§ a gradual but tangible improvement in language and expression
§ enhanced problem-solving and quantitative ability
§ an appreciation of and respect for the molecular but masterful "hands" that make life work
§ superior confidence and academic performance

and ultimately, a better foundation and preparation for a fulfilling career later in life.

We work with kids from the age group of 6-16 years to bring out their true potential early in life. This includes students who are seeking to enhance their scholastic performance and enter the college of their choice with superlative PSAT/SAT scores. We invite parents to write to us to explore how our individualized mentoring programs and workshops can benefit children.

See our »» School Programs pages for information on XRadianZ events for School children.

XRadianZ Programs for College & University Students

XRadianZ offers comprehensive guidance and assistance for job placements, higher studies and exchange programs in US and India for students and experienced professionals across Life Sciences and related domains. These services are aimed at candidates interested in pursuing advanced biomedical research opportunities in academia and industry in the US and elsewhere.

See also our »» College Programs pages for information on XRadianZ events for College students. Feel free to contact our »» Counselors for further information or for details on opportunities in advanced biomedical and related disciplines in India and the US.