Results of The XRadianZ Young Masters Art Interpretation Event

The first Young Masters Art Interpretation Event was held at Crossword (Civil Lines, Nagpur, India) on Sunday, May 22, 2011. Twenty-three children (12 girls and 11 boys) took part in the event representing KGI to Grades IX from thirteen local area schools. The entries were judged on the basis of interpretation of the reference artworks provided (viz., the meaning of visual components such as swirls, stars, moon, buildings, etc. and their interrelationships, perception of depth, proportion, and relative positioning), as well as effective use of colors, specific techniques used, and the overall visual effect.

ritvika The following were adjudged the best entries and will receive either a Certificate of Special Artistic Ability (CSAA) or Certificate of Artistic Ability (CAA) -

Group I - KGI to Grade III

§ Syed Saifuddin Nehri, (KGI, Little Woods), CAA
§ Jhanvi Parmar, (Grade I, Bhartiya Krishna VV School), CAA
§ Jia Bhamgara, (Grade II, St. Joseph’s Convent), CSAA
§ Ayushi Ghodeswar, (Grade III, Seventh Day Adventist), CSAA
§ Aaditya Kiratkar (Grade III, Centre Point School), CAA

Group II - Grade IV - VI

§ Shaan Ali (Grade V, Delhi Public School), CSAA

Group III - Grade VII - IX

§ Indrani Thool (Grade VII, St. Joseph’s Convent), CSAA
§ Arpit Thool (Grade VIII, St. Francis De Sales High School), CAA
§ Kritika Iyer (Grade VIII, Bhavan's), CAA
§ Swapnil Parwal (Grade VIII, Bishop Cotton), CSAA
§ Tunisha Bhamgara (Grade VIII, St. Joseph’s Convent), CAA
§ Pooja Somani (Grade IX, Mundle English School), CSAA

The individual entries can be seen »» here.