XRadianZ Development Programs for School Students

XRadianZ Science Fiction (sci-fi) Short Story Writing Event (December 2009)


XRadianZ recently concluded a Science Fiction (sci-fi) Short Story Writing Event for students of Grades IX-XII through a collaboration with the »» Raman Science Center, Nagpur, India. The short story writing event was aimed at celebrating the success of mankind's space exploration efforts that lead to the discovery of the essential life ingredient - water - on our closest neighbor in the Solar System, the Moon. Please visit the »» XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short-Story Writing Event page for details and results.

XRadianZ Young Masters Event (June 2011)

The objective of the XRadianZ Young Masters event is to stimulate subconscious creativity and bring out artistic talent in children at an early age by giving them a chance to appreciate and interpret in their own ways, the works of the 19th Century Masters of the French Impressionist era such as Monet, Degas and Renoir or, master artists and painters such as Picasso, Rembrandt and others.

For further details and rules of the event, see the »» XRadianZ Young Masters Event page.

PSAT and SAT Subject-Specific Mentoring Programs for School Children -
English, Math & Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

XRadianZ is partnering with local area schools, teachers and parents to introduce innovative ways to teach english (with an emphasis on vocabulary and expression, esp. for those for whom it is a second language), math, physics, chemistry and biology. XRadianZ is offering curricular teaching in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in order to strengthen ability in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) areas in line with the current national focus on building competencies in these critical disciplines.

We focus on enabling children to experience a sense of achievement and fulfillment with language and a lasting impression that math and science are fun and useful, and biology - the science of life - is full of neat little surprises hidden away in every nook and cranny, just waiting to be discovered, all mystifying, bewildering and enlightening at the same time. Our programs are results-oriented with -

§ a gradual but tangible improvement in language and expression
§ enhanced problem-solving and quantitative ability
§ an appreciation of and respect for the molecular but masterful "hands" that make life work
§ superior confidence and academic performance

and ultimately, a better foundation and preparation for a fulfilling career later in life.

We have initiated talks to introduce our programs with local area schools. We work with kids in the age group of 6-16 years young to bring out their true potential early in life. We invite parents to write to us to explore how our individualized mentoring programs and workshops can benefit children.

Please contact our »» Counselors for further information or for details on these and future events and programs.