1st XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short-Story Writing Event 2009


The purpose of the event was deeply intertwined with the mission of XRadianZ - to encourage the early acquisition of critical skills such as explorative reading, curiosity about life and nature around us, appreciation of science behind natural phenomena, inquisitive thinking and, creative, original writing.

1st XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short-Story Theme

The discovery of water on the Moon means we are inching closer to the possibility that humans will some day settle on the Moon and - in space - in general. However, big challenges remain. There is no air, atmosphere or food on the Moon. A day is almost 4 weeks long; temperatures vary between extremes - high enough to boil water during the day and cold enough to put everything into deep freeze at night. Gravity is just a sixth of that on Earth. The Moon’s surface is unsafe and treacherous and continually bombarded with meteorites.

Given the hostile environment, how will we breathe? What will we eat? What will we need to wear? What kind of houses will we live in? How will we travel? What will a typical day be like in Lunar life? This short-story science fiction writing event is intended to lead students of science into a journey of imagination – not wild enough to be impossible and not completely scientific to be scholarly – but a balanced combination of science and fiction. Above all, it should be an interesting, entertaining and engaging narration of how human beings can achieve their goal to better understand and tame this mysterious dimension called space.

Writers can imagine strange and exotic characters, mystifying Lunar Gods and shadowy demons and specters that simultaneously please, plague and torment, and dazzling – albeit dangerous – natural phenomena that defy the laws of physics, and so on…, and beyond this the author is absolute, the Creator, and there are no rules.

Sci-Fi Short-Story Evaluation Criteria

Stories were evaluated on the basis of the following criteria -
1. Relevance to the stated science fiction theme "Life on the Moon"
2. Creative expression and narration
3. Original writing and story-building
4. Plot, character and script development
5. Overall innovativeness and message of story

A list of schools that participated in the event is available >> here.

For names of authors who were selected for best and notable entries click >> here.